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Chadderton Reform Club targeted again-the sixth time in 14 months.
Wednesday 5th December 2018 @ 20:14 by Anna Fletcher
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Chadderton Reform Club was targeted again this week – the sixth time in 14 months.

On the latest occasion, which happened on Monday, four of the club’s windows were smashed by a group of individuals.

All were caught on camera by the club’s CCTV, but the latest incident comes just weeks after an appeal on our front page after the newly refurbished venue was hit by vandals.

Treasurer Les Turner said: “We just can’t believe this has happened. Chadderton is rife with crime now, it is getting so bad and we don’t feel like the police are supporting us.”

Last Thursday, November 29, the club’s CCTV showed four men entering and stealing money and tickets from a Lotto game machine inside the venue.

Les said: “We actually didn’t realise until Sunday when I opened the machine and the basket that holds the money was gone, but we checked the CCTV and saw what happened.

“A group had crowded around the machine so we didn’t see it happen at the time.”

After showing the CCTV images, an individual named three of the four people they believed to be responsible on Facebook.

Les printed out the images with their names attached, displaying the posters on the doors of the club asking for information on who the fourth culprit may be.

Then on Monday at 7pm, a group ran in and ripped the posters down and after midnight, once the club was closed, a group came and smashed four of the six club windows.

Les said: “We have been given a crime number, but the police haven’t yet been to see us.

“It took them 12 days to come after the graffiti on the building last time and it just felt like they didn’t really want to know.

“They called it petty, but this is the sixth incident we have had and it doesn’t feel petty to us. We have given them the names and we can’t believe nobody has been arrested yet.

“It feels like nothing has been done and really how much can you stand? We feel so unsupported.

“These people are destroying their own society and their own environment, they are making their own home an undesirable place to live.”

The club had just completed an £18,000 refurbishment, but costs due to the vandalism and other incidents are starting to pile up.

Les said: “We worked really hard to turn this club around and we have wonderful members.

“Most of them are older people who would have nowhere to go if we were to close and we know we don’t want to do that, but the more this stuff keeps happening the more we worry.”

It was only early in November that the club had graffiti sprayed all over the walls as well as on the car of one of the staff members.

Before that, the steward’s flat had its window smashed and shortly after the same happened to one of his car windows.

As well as the two most recent incidents, two weeks ago saw £1,000 worth of equipment being taken from the van of the club’s gardener.

Les added: “We’ve worked all our lives and paid our taxes and to see these scumbags doing this to us is just awful.

“We don’t know what is going to happen next and we have done nothing wrong to warrant this.

“Police have the CCTV so they know their faces and we have given them names too, they need to start making arrests.”

Anyone with information about the attack is asked to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.