Oldham Mountain Rescue Team saves the day for Digby the Dog.
Monday 3rd September 2018 @ 17:09 by Anna Fletcher
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One Saddleworth pup and his family saw the whole community, including Oldham Mountain Rescue Team, rally around to help after he got injured on a walk this weekend.

Owner Louise Barker, from Greenfield, was out for a walk with Cockapoo Digby as well as her partner, three kids and a friend’s dog.

Digby after his accident at Black Moss Reservoir.

She said: “We were near Black Moss Reservoir and quite a long way from the car when Digby tried to jump up a mound of grass and lost his footing. He slammed into it and managed to get up, but he was limping quite badly and then he collapsed and didn’t move for 20 minutes.

“He wasn’t breathing properly and his eyes were shutting, it was just horrific and for a moment I thought he might die.”

Louise was struggling to get a signal on her phone and when they tried to carry Digby it didn’t work because he was in so much pain.

She continued: “It wasn’t a full-on emergency so I knew I couldn’t call 999, but I didn’t know what to do so I posted on the Saddleworth Community site which I admin for and we got such a huge response, I couldn’t believe it.”

Louise was flooded with advice and offers of help and one individual got in contact with the Oldham Mountain Rescue Team.

She said: “I got a call from them and they were just brilliant. They told us to stay where we were and soon enough we saw team members coming up over the hill to help. They were so concerned for Digby and wonderful with us, they are amazing.”

Digby eventually began to bear his own weight and made it back home, but unfortunately, he took another turn.

Louise explained: “He seemed ok, but he was in his bed and rolled over and something must have moved and he yelped in pain so we took him straight to the vets. County’s End vets were also fantastic, they were there in 15 minutes and made Digby and us feel so at ease.”

Digby will be getting lots of rest while he heals.

Today (Mon Sept 3) Digby headed in for his x-ray and his family are happy to report that he has no broken bones, however he does have some soft tissue damage and will need lots of rest while it heals.

Louise, who runs Barker’s Boarding Home for dogs, added: “I was just amazed at how everyone helped us, Digby is part of our family and we are so glad he is ok and we are really thankful to everyone. The Oldham Mountain Rescue Team have even been in touch since to see how he is doing.”

A spokesperson for Oldham Mountain Rescue said: “We were called out on Saturday after being contacted by a member of the public who were out walking on the Pennine Way and required some assistance in getting their injured dog to safety.

“The team were deployed and located the park quickly, whereupon team members assisted the owner to carry the dog to the road head and to the waiting vehicles. Twelve team members were involved for about one hour.

“We wish Digby a speedy recovery and hope he is back to full health soon.”